Upcoming Work

Okay Seth, I’m going to try my best to remember what needs to be on this post, but if I forget just let me know and I’ll update it.

For my final project I’m going to explore graphic narrative (comics) again, working primarily in photoshop. In my last project I struggled to find a balance between user interaction and the story itself, and I know the only way I’ll get better is to keep working…so…here I am. From my first project I think it’s fairly obvious that I am very interested in process and I think finding a process for this will be very beneficial for me in learning about my creative process.

My daily practice is to write every day. To improve writing, you must write. I know it will help me to write the story for my final project.

Let’s go to work!

Project Photoshop 2 Reflections

My second project was a bit of a focus shift from the first project, going from thoughts about the transition from traditional to digital work, all the way to thoughts about narrative. Resfeber really reflected a lot of my personal fascination with moving and traveling (the word resfeber literally translates to the anticipation one feels before traveling), and I enjoyed working on this piece. This is not to say that I didn’t enjoy working on the first project, because I did, but I think some of the concepts and ideas were closer to home. I’m seriously considering continuing to study narrative for my final project. 

What went well: I felt that I did a pretty good job developing the world in itself; the character designs and the website architecture seemed to stand on it’s own. The world was well thought out and the planning and work paid off. It was fun for me to pull inspiration from my favorite artists and to incorporate their work in mine while still establishing my work as my own.

What I learned: I still have much to learn on the balance between interacting the user in a world and allowing the user to imagine a world of his or her own. Resfeber was definitely my first attempt at this and it shows. It was also brought to my attention in critique that there was a bit of disconnect between the style of the characters and the environment. This is again another reason I want to study narrative for my final project, since I will have time to lineart a connecting background (which takes much more time than a general paint for me), or even to plan out a consistent style.

All in all I think this was a pretty good start and I’m excited to keep going!